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Naranja Nation - Indian Princesses

Our Local Tribes & Council

Tribes in The OC


  • Beach Foot –  Newport Coast Elementary, Pegasus, Harbor View. East Side, Mariners and Saint Joachim and a few others
  • Chickasaw –  Families from Pegasus
  • Chumash – Harbor Day School and friends of families there
  • Comanshes –  Newport Beach and Irvine
  • Little Feet – Harbor View Elementary/Cardin Hall – Corona Del Mar village and Newport Coast
  • Mariposa – Port Streets and children who attend Andersen
  • No Mommies – Newport Beach, TVT, Corona Del Mar and others
  • Runnamucks – The Port Streets, Cardin Hall, One Ford Road, and Bonita Canyon
  • Sun Princess – Newport Coast

2018/19 Tribal Chiefs!


2018/19 Tribal Council


  • Chief of Chiefs – Tom Nicholson (
  • Medicine Man – Christian Walsh
  • Wampum – Todd Gronski
  • Craftmaster – Marshall Young
  • Culinary Master – Aaron Sobaski
  • TallyKeeper – TBA
  • Spirit of Safety – Brad Strawn 
  • Spirit of the Steel Canoe - Amir Kahana
  • Spirit of the Teepee - Jim Mullen
  • Spirit Growth - Kevin Maloney
  • Chief of Chiefs Emeritus – Bransby Whitton

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About Native Sons & Daughters Programs ®

National Longhouse Programs


The NATIVE SONS AND DAUGHTERS PROGRAMS® were developed and are  administered by National Longhouse, Ltd. These programs emphasize the  vital role that parents play in the growth and development of their  children. These programs seek to strengthen the foundations for a  positive lifelong relationship between parent and child that is mutually beneficial and satisfying.

National Longhouse

Pals Forever-Friends Always®


Our motto captures the spirit of the special bond that parent and  child will develop through their participation in Native Sons and  Daughters Programs®. 

Special program activities are unique in ways that cannot be  experienced anywhere else. Parent and child participate in them  together, molding and shaping their relationship, learning about each  other, learning from each other, building mutual respect, friendship and  trust in one another. By traveling the special paths of Native Sons  & Daughters program together, parent and child share memories and  form relationships that will make them “Pals Forever-Friends Always®.”

Respect for First Nation Culture & Heritage


The Indian (First Nation) theme of the NATIVE SONS AND DAUGHTERS  PROGRAMS® family activites is significant, but not simply because a  North American Indian provided the inspiration for them. Deeply rooted  in North American Indian culture is a profound appreciation for the  Creator, or Great Spirit, as well as an understanding of the  independence of the forces of nature. The importance of these values is  becoming increasingly accepted in modern urban society which, until  recently, had failed to recognize their significance.